Sunday, January 11, 2015

I swore, by my leverage, i would confront the viscious

but i didn't
it's more that, tho i tried to deal with my demons; they just went away
with crosshairs centered, i can see how shakespeare did it
and i pray that you're religious.
now go away.
not hate, not republican, not fake

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hey Ya Atticus

lush green and gardens hardens and laughs
Edith Pilaf Piaf Load Loaf Pilaf Pilar Polar Lilac
Lilac's Lylic Lila
Load Loaf Life
And a little exercise in auto-correct
Love Live Life
Without the fifth element, you get:
... Lice
Inspectah Deck of the New Millennium
Shouts ?uesto "Shazam"
And Says "Bars"
No, Slams 'Em
Emails Me Emailed A mailed Remailed Mailed
Just Postal.
Goes ∆∆∆
Just saying..
Hey Ya Atticus (That's what it says every time I open a sentence.)
I'm a brute. So cut me loose.'m+from+jay-z

Shit.. Was Lilu.
Gonna Push.
Watch, Shit's melting.

The Choice To Love

To Free Will, To Pick Up Your Brother and not a lover, not a mother, not a Friend
This all Will.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Freight Train, Wait. (For Jaden and Willow)

Like, did you know, if it's spinning fast enough, you can lift any weight?
And, if it's powered by its own mag-lev momentum it's light enough to drive free energy further.
And every time you click back a turnstile, the weight of world gets lifted.

E=Velocity^2 x Weight(My uzi weighs a ton.)


The new college kid anthem, from New York to Amsterdam.
Physically too fat for the standard model.

Coppers: The slaughter of the innocent is getting tired in all our eyes, liable to call a mack on your truckstop run-in, shame shit different day straight up murder

So click back to a dope habit.
Or clique back and close ranks, never advance.
This is the type that metastasizes,  behind bars.
Take that pigs.

Not Clickbait Cliques a Moby Dick line, no, that'd be cliche, and in The Atlantic.
So no, not everything is, but it is.

Not terse, not frantic verse, no, not callous, no. Rehearsed
Just api+e+6 enough to hack #DONDA up
Or channel Ché and link up Gorillaz
Won't crack
any peeler jokes
About a man's wife or nothing.
Because of the respect..

All out, all over the place, fuck it,

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ringtone Rap

Fat chance,
Lay the hammer down,
Sound, doesn't put any chinks in a bank, under a mountain.
My god, my eyes, they came welling up
I guess my happiness is not important to you, he said.
When i tried to tie a chain around waste, like a sub-continental savior,
And when my behavior was solely centered upon love for others, a resounding o brother.
So why waste, why be stupid, because you told me to.
So i won't.
Just, Funny, Money, Dear, Honey,
You need to see this, hush.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Them Sandy Hooks

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////i;d cut it
Any steeple of my choosing
they gon' put me in jail
they can't now
but fuck, he's writing it on his phone.
this ain't zeke cantrail
this is dynamite explosive.

slow your exposure down a minute son,
i been judging on God
Gotta flow,
Like jimmy hoffa in the river son
and soggy soggy son, espinizo.
ain't it's expozzzito? any way you son choose.
i been cruising for a bruising an' any minute now,
the dirty south is gonna choos
i guess i gotta be better than that.

so no nine's on you.
shit, gotta loose it, so no free virginia tech.
collegiate, trying to be the best
go running in with a sword.

Not the Mars, Not the Martyr, Not the Moral

Not immortal, i'll come getcha with something you never dished.
Like Elvira #Bloodsuckers on some rock you hoped would skip.
No one so sick as to teach you, so go down plumbing depths.
The length of my lines, with a love so strong i can afford it love.
Bus, back of the. I'm so strong i can't afford it, love.
But my May hat's on. Sitting strong i can afford it, love now Just.
Sit back and let it sip, into your running cup, inta your busting cup now J, let it used to.
Slay, K9, dj, igoseeing :O
I got it uzed to, running over cup,
And a Cutlass Supreme, i get spoiled in over democracy, now aint you seen one seen.
Meghann... Allah them riches.
Switches and Zap Straps.
An'A Pax on deligion whodat?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Here's a point for you Senat(or)s

Glitz and glamour don't spoil Oceans
Waste, and brutal killing do,
I'm out.

sad to let the waist line slip.. but whatevs, that's a hit.
That's another, for Future.
I quit. (This Kid)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sympathy and Sweetness

A man of
C'mon man,  I thought you knew

The best,  I thought you ever knew
A tune,  can you sing me something?
Over the moon.
And a tune.

Truant,  fornicator, abuser of authority.
A cost that could not be afforded justice,  a cause.
I'm over it.

That's for #Django,  and The Chi.

Whatever, I am forgettable.
A moment of mercy or laughter.
I quit.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Scientist (Stradivarius Reproduction)

Just because you have no proof of nothing, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Re: Bill Nye
It's like saying I've never taken a picture of my dick, but my children assure me it's there.
Maybe, a picture of Venus,  but have you set foot on it?
Maybe, your wife, or your om pere, but did they tell anyone,  in acute detail,  and did their acerbic refresh,  and hold the same object,  or was it smaller.. Because diminutive, hand held accounts can't hold justice no?
Here: #BillNye #STS75, account for that,  say hi to Rick, and while you're at it tell him plagiarism can't afford it hun,
Sure it'll mean something to him.
Speak wisely.

Teetotalers, up in the sky,  it's Nietzsche, in the Corsica Durante.
And fonts,  you cannot afford.
Bill Nye feels me, and Dick, it's Dick.
Sure it means something to him.
Free Energy
A team that cannot spell Pi without looking humble.
And the Corsica Durante, got in a little fender bender.
Elephantism,  maybe Juno, Maybe #Kwest hit it hunh
You,  Wifey, Om Pere, crumpled under sheets.

Still,  shaking,  you believe in your kids,  right?
Have I a fight in me.

And such,  The Strad, in midi.
If you were to condense Mercury,  you'd have me these weeks.
My pen.
So Help Me God.

We toppling buildings, us.
Not 1,2 or 5.
Millions of us.

Trust us diamonds,  climate shines,  and you cut my chvch knee ugh Dr

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I can't help it if i AM just a Hater

I can't help it if #LawrenceWelk is what you choosing to abuse your listening audience to.
I Brutus, I Judas,, just to see what the listening audience believes in,
You got spit for mouth?
I been doing this sin,ce the word "Duck" came out.

Since tractors were sprouts.
Since the bear left and the bitch come out.
Sand niggers, speak up shit, or damn, not another journalist could move.
Here's a toothpick for The Ad-admin
The internet.

I'm betting oil is obliterated.
Until we figure out how to use it.
Do that.
My word, to the Caliphate.

This sand-nigger, i been reading a bunch about, why'd he flip the temple tables?
And when does the next Holiest come?
I have a few bars, beyond reverence, so now Caliphate, let's pray, in alliance with Malala, and nothing different, or do not pray.
And be gone, publishing.

Monday, October 13, 2014

The #IC

Cause that's what it is,
You cannot state, that the will of god is to be even momentarily, policed by the uneducated.
The Girl, that extremists shot in the face,
Got the Nobel peace prize two days ago,
The man who invented dynamite, dynamite, awarded her this prize, as the Caliphate.
This, you cannot go wrong on, so i state.
Our regime, is more dedicated, more thoughtful, more powerful, and we are beginning, beginning, to Appeciate girls.
Who Marced The Martyr?
Who gave Halima her chosen dress?
I address you, all #IC, to know beyond Caliphate, and teach me of Chr1st's legacy.
Or pull your skirts back down, and be a lesson in our math, redaction.
Have you heard of it? Has it happened, well, i choose not to have it happen to you.
But to shoot a  ten year old in the face, because her parent's disgraced her with a dream of leaving erdun, pashtun, afghanisten.
Well fuck that.
We'll watch your children die from space.
And then you'll all be martyrs,
No nobler than that
I'll never take nothing from you, you deserve it all.
That's Future.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


If I got a switch,  and said biblical behavior,  you'd be wrong.
If I dropped 2pac,  you'd say battery,  or rape,  and you'd be wrong.
If I said,  I respect you,  I'd be,  for the things that I said before.
If I said, your affection, your shame,  is important to me,  I'd be wrong.
I am too strong,  to be ashamed,  of the words I choose to convey meaning. 
So if I say, you're wrong,  I'll be patient,  but will not wait.
So if I say you got to get your weight up, I'll be patient.
Fucking AC, cool it, together..

The Tate, the Guggenheim, west on Slauson.
Coast to coast,  |FM. Bitch.

I'm introspective, I'll fix it,  wait.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Who are i

Where's your energy
Where's the synergy between silence and rapping
The difference between hitting craps on Dice twice and fapping, i know.
Made it out of the crucifix into the crucible,
So I'm grinding
Maybe too slow to hit Future in this chili-cheese fried world with #creamasumyoungguy but a banana clip?
And you can stick it to the t-shirt?
Both Sam Rothstein, and Casino, would shit themselves.
Pulling out in something european, i don't.
But coming in one in one second, three, even four times? Might be another Speed Racer out there.. i dont know.
Fully like, who are u?
Been a youthful movement and I do.
Next time you're cruising in your subliminal, leafing through your rolodex, think of Margaret Thatcher.
Ha, that's good advice. The Totality, For Kids, something subliminal.
And youthful.
Ever that.
Greaser, Kid, And i hit it, put that in your movie machine, and #Future,: What up, you fucking rule man.
And slam on the brakes.

Get off me bitch, go floss or something..
And gawk.
Stephen Hawking or something, rebooted to the Main. i'm out

SO #Jamla
Splitsville, Kid.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Another Missive

A little silo of mystery
A golden glove Mohammed of it.
You've got broccoli between your torture
On par ain't for me
Elbow to the teeth.
For my hosers.
Crease another bloodline
I've come tired of being tiny and I must breathe
Another crack of a bat to your mitzvah
A/c cracking Teeth

A Harlem new years eve.
I think
No one will comment on it.
My higher senses have gotten in tune
So if you don't do it
You ain't in it
This blue spins
And still the bottom and topside of everything
Another sinner who believes in Gods
And another tortured soul, at the crash site
Where a missile could have hit, but a bomb went off.