Monday, March 30, 2015

You Fukin Pigs

I'll be handled some Evan-Wentz shit
Some libertine dopamine shit
Some shiv that'll come and get you
Some prattle that'll leave you to rattle on.

"I been fond of your deity,
But some forms of saity, your pussy can't even handle."
Even ever hold a candle to it, a mirror to it, you'll see it's a bruin. That's the kinda work you do.
To see it bears teeth.
Peace i'm out no sheik.

Monday, March 23, 2015

An' it's been a long time, for the wide, white world to make something like me.

Knit #EarlSweatshirt Tease.

An it took a long time, in the deep, black world before #Kendrick found himself in a hotel room screaming..

An' I know that time will silence evil men.

Leaning, all curved in, like men playing pinocle.
Pisa's for creeps, and Italian renaissance men.
And I'd rather Humbert Humbert than Descartes,
and i'd traipse Picasso before being a poet anyday.

In my slick ass white boy ride, i could give a fuck about my turned out white wife, packaged out with yellow brick, midgets and monkey shit(that smells like boo-hoo).

Before I even became recompense, and before i knew that suffering could be unseated(s/o jesus), i knew(and please, don't be a fucking idiot):
part of being partisan is believing in your own righteousness, but not your will to debate me, before you even care, before you became worth a damn, to the console of everyman. let go of parliament, royalty, but i think uncle sam needs a hug.

and these elegant, elegent, men should be in stitches, specifically #FrankOcean, #SwizzBeatz wit' the
velcro banana clip right at their neck,

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cuz, Them's Good Eating

A barren market and such,
Not the right's economic times,
A thin white string between bleeding and remembering everything.
Not a pussy plaything, this yarn, and that's putting it politely..

Knitted tops that you cannot darn.
The farm, all the .compassion you can raise on it,
A carnal interest that Maggie couldn't carry.
The piper, the tax, or the ferry, You pay.

Say "Gravedigger, how much dirt can you carry? Will you throw a lot on me? Will it stick to my face? or should I just stick up OBEY?"

Hold ctrl, hold alt, then hold.

Then type "Skirts Weaponry"
And you'll see who I am.
(Not #JamesFranco, Not Better Than That.
Jus' Telling it like it is Kids.

                                      , Sparticus

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Steep, Magic

Or Carry On Steppes?
Battery Acid
Or fly away free
not gonna day trip ya, into the mountains of Ethopia.
But there I did.
So you seem
Rise. as the weather underground chopper did Tim Leary
Rise, nail Xerces faggots, I quit.
Madonna nailing Letterman, and the length of it, I'm aloof.
Poof: Justice, an' you saw them hear first countrymen
Fuck it then.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

the culture

re nsa, cia, fbi, csis, star-fox,
and the fortress
there is no new story, scene it all, dun did it all
until we  are all entering the stars, leaving our earth, all of Us, as one race
'cause that would be new..
but, know art is no hashtag of what preceded

i know barely many can barely bear with me, but
 too much paint
this of st. vincent
and there i would bear too much paint, i didn't, tho you willed me.

so bears, chew
our young know what fools we are
but don't know the rap of a hollow log, what a steep flogging earns a slave
or what it is to be both cold, and wet

such animals, i deepen, pour ca
not porsche
because, animals, i pet,
and i vet,
set that in paint, and i'll see you on the other side of the great turtle that bears the world, i don't care
just see you there

oh ya.. i started that over there.
if a Chair or two was Missing? Pink Flags and such, shucks...
fucking pigs, i tentatively explore hate for you
now, porous, what are anal bacteria for?

chains are not free

cost as much as your rights
the right is right, right? right.
and your's is mined not mine.
not cuckoo, for what they been talking 'bout, all the time.
find a gem like this, your timing would drop the dime on molecular decay
what we weight ratios with
would be pitch, and you'd have shit city.
now sit in it, lay.
ahem.. just channeling.. illuminati? slay, and plan on heat rising up.
so to them:
and when shucks gets to you?
you be sweaty with clammy hands, not a pearl, or even venus will be seeo
look at your friends.
sure it reflects greatly on the splashdown on saturn, pencildicks.

good looks don't get rubbed out, not buy Google, not buy anyone.
well, maybe, buy Google.
but forecastic npo strategies, ain't cheesy wizards.

buy credit, not hot lunch.
cause a crunch is coming.
saturn, well it's pretty heavy.
so sit up big six
and punch Senor Morgan, The Gorgon, Ali Kundra, Sanat Etc,
(we've seen enough airdropped, airbrushed, fresh-cut leaflets)
a Chevy, or leave the e-cat out of the trucking business.
and paint. enough of that.


if i'm mind controled them i'm feeling it,
free everyone indicted under drug legislation, everyone.
Free Weezy from Cash Money
and well, free energy.
'cause that's it.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

I swore, by my leverage, i would confront the viscious

but i didn't
it's more that, tho i tried to deal with my demons; they just went away
with crosshairs centered, i can see how shakespeare did it
and i pray that you're religious.
now go away.
not hate, not republican, not fake

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hey Ya Atticus

lush green and gardens hardens and laughs
Edith Pilaf Piaf Load Loaf Pilaf Pilar Polar Lilac
Lilac's Lylic Lila
Load Loaf Life
And a little exercise in auto-correct
Love Live Life
Without the fifth element, you get:
... Lice
Inspectah Deck of the New Millennium
Shouts ?uesto "Shazam"
And Says "Bars"
No, Slams 'Em
Emails Me Emailed A mailed Remailed Mailed
Just Postal.
Goes ∆∆∆
Just saying..
Hey Ya Atticus (That's what it says every time I open a sentence.)
I'm a brute. So cut me loose.'m+from+jay-z

Shit.. Was Lilu.
Gonna Push.
Watch, Shit's melting.

The Choice To Love

To Free Will, To Pick Up Your Brother and not a lover, not a mother, not a Friend
This all Will.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Freight Train, Wait. (For Jaden and Willow)

Like, did you know, if it's spinning fast enough, you can lift any weight?
And, if it's powered by its own mag-lev momentum it's light enough to drive free energy further.
And every time you click back a turnstile, the weight of world gets lifted.

E=Velocity^2 x Weight(My uzi weighs a ton.)


The new college kid anthem, from New York to Amsterdam.
Physically too fat for the standard model.

Coppers: The slaughter of the innocent is getting tired in all our eyes, liable to call a mack on your truckstop run-in, shame shit different day straight up murder

So click back to a dope habit.
Or clique back and close ranks, never advance.
This is the type that metastasizes,  behind bars.
Take that pigs.

Not Clickbait Cliques a Moby Dick line, no, that'd be cliche, and in The Atlantic.
So no, not everything is, but it is.

Not terse, not frantic verse, no, not callous, no. Rehearsed
Just api+e+6 enough to hack #DONDA up
Or channel Ché and link up Gorillaz
Won't crack
any peeler jokes
About a man's wife or nothing.
Because of the respect..

All out, all over the place, fuck it,

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ringtone Rap

Fat chance,
Lay the hammer down,
Sound, doesn't put any chinks in a bank, under a mountain.
My god, my eyes, they came welling up
I guess my happiness is not important to you, he said.
When i tried to tie a chain around waste, like a sub-continental savior,
And when my behavior was solely centered upon love for others, a resounding o brother.
So why waste, why be stupid, because you told me to.
So i won't.
Just, Funny, Money, Dear, Honey,
You need to see this, hush.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Them Sandy Hooks

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////i;d cut it
Any steeple of my choosing
they gon' put me in jail
they can't now
but fuck, he's writing it on his phone.
this ain't zeke cantrail
this is dynamite explosive.

slow your exposure down a minute son,
i been judging on God
Gotta flow,
Like jimmy hoffa in the river son
and soggy soggy son, espinizo.
ain't it's expozzzito? any way you son choose.
i been cruising for a bruising an' any minute now,
the dirty south is gonna choos
i guess i gotta be better than that.

so no nine's on you.
shit, gotta loose it, so no free virginia tech.
collegiate, trying to be the best
go running in with a sword.

Not the Mars, Not the Martyr, Not the Moral

Not immortal, i'll come getcha with something you never dished.
Like Elvira #Bloodsuckers on some rock you hoped would skip.
No one so sick as to teach you, so go down plumbing depths.
The length of my lines, with a love so strong i can afford it love.
Bus, back of the. I'm so strong i can't afford it, love.
But my May hat's on. Sitting strong i can afford it, love now Just.
Sit back and let it sip, into your running cup, inta your busting cup now J, let it used to.
Slay, K9, dj, igoseeing :O
I got it uzed to, running over cup,
And a Cutlass Supreme, i get spoiled in over democracy, now aint you seen one seen.
Meghann... Allah them riches.
Switches and Zap Straps.
An'A Pax on deligion whodat?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Here's a point for you Senat(or)s

Glitz and glamour don't spoil Oceans
Waste, and brutal killing do,
I'm out.

sad to let the waist line slip.. but whatevs, that's a hit.
That's another, for Future.
I quit. (This Kid)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sympathy and Sweetness

A man of
C'mon man,  I thought you knew

The best,  I thought you ever knew
A tune,  can you sing me something?
Over the moon.
And a tune.

Truant,  fornicator, abuser of authority.
A cost that could not be afforded justice,  a cause.
I'm over it.

That's for #Django,  and The Chi.

Whatever, I am forgettable.
A moment of mercy or laughter.
I quit.