Friday, July 18, 2014


That's a bitch.
you gonna pay somebody play me.
state i'm on.
no flash no pull no cache.
so, no datpiff.
that's it.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

On Again, Off Again

If I could silence the pen I wouldn't need you again.
Turn out the right.
So dear, like if I said, I want another baby, maybe,  Babe, you want one? 
And her eyes tear up.
This barrel of metal and greed, it's a speed we don't do.
So, we gonna fuck tonight, Babe?
It's crazy, how I swerve, miss you.
I didn't wanna hit.
And Babe, you will never forget the first time I saw you. 
I knicked it.
That's it.
That's a hit.
And girl, you looked so tasty in them headlights, I had to take a byte. 

Now get lost but I don't hate you.
Right in the road, like John Lennon, that's how I want you.
I could silence the pen, but it's the best weapon Babe,  I love you.
Tied up, still steaming, like Mallory, up on that hood.
That level of killer, and Pop.
But she's a gonner, the misses,
Have to have Xs, in her eyes, not to have died, when I wrote this for Her.
Now back it up, capture, try and tell your friends, this isn't about you. 
Now the fucking shocks are loose..

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Charging Corners. or The Whole Cell Block

Yo Jay
you're gonna want to click that banner up top, maybe hit next post.
then read up.
Big money #BigHomie..
beats seeing you in court anyways.
And with respect.

I'm perfecting a new artistic medium, truly, a new artistic medium.
Take a look. let's sell some batteries meanwhile.

for onlookers: check my G+

How's a guy supposed to patent an idea at 5am EST but the way i just did?
The period say February 2014 to.. ..when you find #TheRealKiss on #9thWonderfulMusic that's the stuff i'm most proud of..
or court, when you get how much this is worth.
to place your phone on your laptop to charge it.
you can respect me from a distance or get with it.
I'm out.

Invasive Cutting Technique

For a design champion.
The kids in the bus I seen,
More cracked then going halfway on the real joints.
Tossing them up like Ford on American Value.
The IPad, the IPhone.
On prosperity.
A dream or Jobs,  or neither.
Cut corners, The American Dream.
Or nothing.
They sat down and chose.

Not Outkastic.
Throw the bitch across the room.
I hope.
Her heart breaks.
Every single time.
Love That Kid.

Just Fucking Epoxy. Hard and fast.

Cut them crack corners kids.
Or rock it right on the screen.
Ever mounting. A mountain of them. Back of the bus.
The new street rules.
I'll never do stationary, you'll never do terminal.
Back Of The Bus Kid.
And Seldom Seen. 

So It's The Ferocious, The Misguided

That will inherit The Earth
Something tells me not
Should be searching in a clay pot
But this Gideons 'll do.
Byte Me.
Construction Law.

Gonna redirect, get ready:

Gotta clean room up tonight by too gasp and the first one was there a reason for my first ever been so happy that my phone on silent film and TV and radio stations are so much to me in my room to be in my room to be in my room to be in my. Auto.Correct.Frenzy/Predict my next move
Bloom and Stitch the best thing ever is when you get a follow back please follow me please I love you so much for the first time you get a follow back please follow.
Woah, Auto predict is desperate you might think.
I think just awesome.
Show love.

Just awesome.
Gotta save that.

The shit they won't play on the radio. Trust me.


Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Vanguard of Entertainment.

I know it is.
Not good. Well, it has been lately.

Ima light it up like Weezy F. Baby
Puffing clouds away, opposite George Clooney.
But I'd puff pass on those ranges. :)
Chybernetics, for my latest killing spree.
Not getting on the bus.
Just to get their goats.. :)
Fuck I'm a genius..

Hacking up shit like Dorsia reservations, if you got teeth for that..
Cut. The guy's obviously(ahem) a hack, or just Psycho.
Ain't a Killer. But he's been pushed..
Shooting up Zapruter frames.. like he invented the screen capture..
Widening gyre lines, spin like the invention of the rifle.
Straight up, while Paris leans in, those base hits, dipping into your eulogy, like so many baggies; like digging into the Plaid crate.(I hope you do.)
Ricochet like Pearl Harbour did Iwo-Jima, call it the foundation of bling.
Losing them.
Let it go.
Fucking Frozen.

Roll up smoking like a wannabe Eastwood, meanwhile, just Ellis.

Did the thing.
Lived "We Live In Public" 
Fucked like that.
No, Fucked.
Like that.
Love that.
For the crowds.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tell Norman.
Tell Herman.(Out of love for my grandfather.)
Gut some motherfuckers
O rehearse this verse.

SHVA, everything to ever exist. I drop it like this.
Bottoms, better man up,
This ain't anaerobic class.
This is passed out in a chair rape.
The kind the news doesn't broadcast, 'cause digital, they look too gray.
All splayed out.. Mindless..
Passed out is a presence of mind, that says that you don't matter. You are only, one. You do matter son, passed out.

Harlem, Alabama, can it.
Hmm, a blog', what is that?
Tell me, does Guy Kawaski Canva pilgrimage? On a tangent, but Google+'s biggest draw.
So draw that shit, viral images, that a fourth grader could use.
When you chose to not be awesome, when you turned into a talking head.. That day.

Now heads what I might say:
Billing as
That's it.
Shouldn't even share this:
When the Fentenol wears off,
Even after your little professor advises you not to do it,
You gonna read my work..
And twerk like we're opus dey.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Gonna get hit by a truck.

So..I got Five devices.. Easy pieces right,
One of which has unlimited calling,
And I pay for my home internet, now, 'cause, for no reason, as you'll see later, but whatever.
Call home.
iPod Touch and such, (don't wanna show too much) @lulzsec starts with Nexus7..
That's it.
('s late, but see, the logic step s in there, but just with a breakdown of, well, fuck, you figure it out,)
,or get an unlike over data)
Yes, like that,
I'm an artist,

If your iPod ever drops connection, revolution.
The cellphone providers will cut deals just not to have me as a customer,
Dad, is it true? What I'm saying,

Thank you.

Tango, Google, Give me one, I'll use it to map and import the earth.
Sorry, with my selfish interest, I want to see the earth soothed,
From the top again, save.
And give me tools.
Like The Oasiss' Springs Cell on one #Israel,
I'm out.

Friday, May 30, 2014

So, you're saying, it goes up if i say it will?

That's exactly how it goes.
so who the fuck are you?
Costner couldn't field or dream a pitch like this.
I'm the Kentucky mahogany (I know exotic wood.,)
crush can aluminum interior. (Light or orange?)
How 'bout Spritzer duketnacan I May+

Fuck the park bitch I walk you in and out an in of out.
Out the PARC you get square.
Beer-top clubbing Angelou bases.
That's the clique.
Jet stream loving fresh breath bases.
That's mint.
Get 'em while they're hot crack rock editions,
I seen "Road To Perdition" And It's Boring.
Tell Ron Paul I Approve.
But what the fuck is that he selling?
Its like selling a belly dancer to Hamas, a trophy, but I married the bitch.

Now listen, you want all specific,something you can relate to(if married the bitch izn't doing It. Shit..)

So listen, played football for two years.
Never knew what an offside was.
Nobody told me.
I was like shit, there's the whistle.

High school.
A Christchurch center.
Figured it out.

Started Refereeing Hockey Games
Serious, still didn't know.

But a 7 year old caught me in the face with his stick, like 30 games in, no doubt,but the season was over.
$60 an hour, to have absolutely no idea what I was doing. ..There's a lesson.
That was my job.

So when Lorne Michaels designs a prosthetic device...
Just buy the thing.

No listen..
@ConanOBrien pitches Buzz Aldrin waking up to The Moon!? You put it on YouTube.
Obligatory credits, in the edit.

Fuck you.
I don't care.
I rule.
That's it.

Watch them be like, wait..
Hold up.
That's the best skit ever.
And I'll be like, "..." 
And then like "Ya."

Then I'll chill out for a bit..

That first verse.
Then the rest of it.
1 in a thousand, tops, can hit that pitch.
but if you Switch hit, or bat an eyelash, you'll be 500.
at least second base..

See, I'm Like Bo. like, "Just do it." is for go-getters without taste and "Just say no" is for prissy idiots and cowards, unless you an athlete...


ball and kick it?
jesus yes.
Bo knows.
Angelou, thank you. Blessings. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

I was born in the land of milk an' honey.

Im fed up not some stuffed shiRT.
I want bread and pussy.
Got balls as blue as Folsom City.
The Colnel Kurtz oF courtesy, deserving of a curtsy so keep the skirt high.
Bring the horns in, the corner pocket's stale plums gotta eat.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cry, At Conjunction rests.

Blessed, this son of mine is.
& blaspemy it is not.
To say that Boko Haram practitioners deserve to be shot.
Light 'em up.
They're surrounded by it.
Night Sticks.
#UpTheirAsses #Nigeria
Now you got a pot to piss in.

Jiggers, Jiggaboos, A Cruise Boat Missed.
They'll be dancing on deck, fuck accusing Al Qu-Atis.
(Not Al Queda, somewhere betweeen a Ku and a Qat.)
Peace after brackets in 4 syllables, &Jump
Somebody punch the kid, he's drunk on love.
Riding bucket to Mars, I would be.

Just Topping you kid, looking down.
Seriously, nipple clamps on the kid.
Betcha anything he's right, RADSat.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

I am the defining characteristics of god.

I've forgotten, some boss shit.
So skip to the second mic.
That next line baby.
I have seen enlightenment in Future's music.
A fresh coat of pepto to stomach it G. You hate, you're an ignorant bitch.
The cost? Both your depression and your ignorance.
Now hear: More shades of grey then a C-note.
Rap like Brendan Fraser in Encino.

I press mint.
Wilks Booth Washingtons.
Cold-Crush Log-Cabin Lincolns.
The new Gutenberg wit' rolling joints.
Power to think is a beast of privilege.
And pig. Im the wolf.
Blow like the dead trees that echo in the chi.
Next my image on Texas tassles, that spin.

Hidegger 12.
Your belt bitch? Pull it tight. Listen: stripping paid for this mazerati. You tucked into that dinner but zip it. We're about to go really fast, too fast for you, too fast for me.
Maybe sold in a three-piece or a lace onesie but listen, a ripped t-shirt will get me listening.
If you broke enough to kick the wheels, then we'll put the black hood back, you feel me?
Now zip it.
That's original.

Hey, you gotta make a pact with me..
You never suck Wiz Khalifa's dick K?
Bang him, you can do the moonwalk to his shit idk..
The mouth on these kids..

K, that's it. Get out.
Sorry about the t-shirt.
Send my press agent the bill.
Call me if you feel like it..

Steering like a Harrier jet.
Coherent? Not yet.
I got pavement to burn. I'm out.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

God bless Everything.

and clear the runway.
jettison the equipment i'm telling you, this is the last battleground and im done with you, fuck your ruthlessness(biblical) fuck your stance we need minus not &, hottadamnit too proud the wise we tried (sighed)telling you blueish hues are not the sky. an tri we must. #up. and that's all me. take it from me. that's it. cock. or pit.

and that's me, too. When He lets you know, you'll know.

I should have my own TED talk.
"Objective but no objective reality"
I'd host it at the Garden, front row only, all levels.
MC'd by Reggie Watts.
 Stream-lined, like the pillar where Moses and his people left Eygpt..
It's outstanding.
Spit a lyric that'd knock down a telephone pole.
I might say "bitch, don't look back."
rub salt in it.
 and that'd be it.

We'ed have 40 seconds left, so we'ed get out the Teddy Ruxpin.
puff one, maybe pass the sherry jug,
and have a conversation about child abuse,
but I'm no puppet.
don't say i didn't warn you.
Diapers, Diaspora, All that shit.
in a single minute TED talk.
You walk it, i'm in it like it's Vietnam.
Blood on your hands, as if I'm throwing down "Prison Sex."
we could walk out and finally respect Uncle Sam..
"Don' tread on me neither."

God Bless Everything.
And be peaceful.

Dey is like "Wish/Woah.."

Say you been at, where brothers got at something

You wanna Putt-Putt the ferrari GT?
Trim the finest green,
or cut that shit,
finest brass-knuckles a lawn-mower ever knocked a club client out with..
'cause that's me.
to the T.

and not peace.

for Gen X, Gen Y Coordinates and the green screen.
be Riding like I got Chuck D bucket seat, screaming "you believe in dreams?"
they'll never say "The Kid's got no balls." at least.
and very deser..
fuck it.

You could silk screen that shit like the Bob Marley movie..
#HashTag #It.
but that'd be me getting ahead of myself.
in retrospect,

damn brothers, elect.
nrmind the #TheAvengers, have you Marveling at the likes of #ThePunisher
and still knowing nothing 'bout #Slaughter..
Got my own mythology here to please, and, if you'll please me, ours.
Crosses or an X.
and you don't want that X.
straight thru your set, fuck #Poltergeist i'll run up on you like B.I.G., Sean Combs did Tupac.
don't matter if it's reality.

Beating out "F.uck U.p T.he W.orld" in five lanes.
it's a damn shame, i don't drop a brother's name.
but they still feel me.

Trust, we'g3  the #runaways
might peel my face of the pavement,
while you're shoveling the dust we left.
SO #BigRube #ErykahBadu

might as well drop the multimedia element, (like i haven't enough) so this -->
whatever. click on it.

in #Eternity? feels like something went wrong..
i wanna deal with it, all that i'm saying..

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How many must have tried and failed..

Taken the Seroquel when they said
"You belong beneath the feet of Moloch."
"Another chalky outline, you will not be."
"Who are you to feed at the tree of wisdom?"
Peace, brother, sister, it is not.
Still faith.
That is why Peace is so hard fought for.

You get taught.
Like a bow.
You gonna snap?
Or lemme draw back again?

It's spring my friend.
This is the penultimate of penmanship, I am and I will be, 'til you're seeing double in the holograph machine.
I'd call it(the machine):
"The Illustrated Holocene."
By #Pixar and #Rye-SonPublishing
I'm out.

Dedicated to Toya, Juno.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

And if you don't get me, that's your business, but you can./#MMG Mayday.

Maybe "Would you rather ignore truth, and be happy, or honest, and potentially blissful?"
connect me. You can't. It's impossible.
A lasting sentence or two, I've crafted, and will get better.
Formal Punctuations bans, are civil..
I'm like 50x a drill Sergeant.
Now, repeat after me.  "I will. I have voice."
Now trumpet. Ever hear the foghorn off Vancouver Inlet? The Sound?
No. Inlet.
Imagine calling it,
"Gangsta For Dummies. "
I'd trumpet "Go!"
And Buy 2.
One from Chapters, one Legit.
Lol I Heart Radio and Hip Hop Atlanta and Hip Hop the best thing ever is when you get a follow back please tell me what you want to talk to me.
I want the people of our earth not to suffer.
That's it,
And it seems pretty easy.
Not asking any haves to have not..
Just share.
God fixed my bike, and I'm embarrassed to say it..
Straight up.
I asked him, like, calling out blankly, and he did.
Gucci Mane a good time, gotta respect the autocorrect, #TouchPal keyboards.
Ja Rule. (both)
That's it.
Getting a little dreamy, DSRushton on TWTR. I'm out. "I am so excited.."
Love from a keyboard, try my face.
Thanks so gonna get drunk now.
Love, from the University of California at Berkeley and Hip Hop Atlanta.
There, kiss yr Mom for me and say "Thx. "

S/O #SkateP
Kiss the wifey lifery,
Or some such..
Call it "oh dear, summer"
I never thought it made much sense.
By the way to the gym and then I can get a follow back please follow me please I love you so much for the first time in the world to me and my mom is so much for the first time in the world to me and my mom is so much for the first time in the world to me and my mom is so much for the first time in the world to me on 6th and free and ye and to our house is so much better now that WI red carpet at the end up being the only person that you can do.
Well shit,

(that deleted bit was for the few)

Call it Trust, Y'know.
You don't do it all on your own.
We just don't.

Wish I could be a good day at work today and I have to be a good day at work today and I have to be a good route.
It's cray.
Play all day.

F.ucking Manatees, manatees man.
Mind the magnates. You step overboard.

@Inaction #Inaction $(Omarion)
Let me teach you something about auto-correct, you kindly-loving sandblasted few:

There is responsiblity to truth an' it's seeker, not to any of you.

When Judas envisioned betrayal of Jesus for a parcel of land,
He created it's happening,
What we think is fact,
How we think and act after that,
Is what matters.

I will challenge you until you stand up. Then my chosen(eventually anyway), as one of your brethren, will do it together.
The ..subject says "..
Hi, my name is Angel. Let's destroy hegemony and make hella loot at the same time..

Let's do this..
Imagine Werner Von Braun.
Without Nazism.
Without Cruise-Missles.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Y'know what, I'm gonna save "Animals/Politics Are Not Me" 'til.. Tmrw hopefully.

I wanna kick Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld right in the teeth.. in the streets.
Funny thing what a guy inheriting Christ Consciousness can do huh?
Man.. I do need a hug.. Send love. :)

Musta missed your Love,
It's not enough.
Send web developers too.

I got few problems in sending it..
Maybe Alfred's (think Batman) advice is correct.
Burn it.
Burn the whole forest.
The treefrogs..
They'll shrivel up and re-hydrate.
Fire is a part of life.
Kidnapped girls is blasphemy.
Burn it.

So, there's that, and some other things holding me up,
Mostly that.
We'll see.
When in crisis,

(on my FB, public.. And such, just gotta look)

Part 2/ heard.

I Don't wanna speak for anybody, but..

As for the Cherokee, Brazilian Originals, And Aborigonis.
I think green Pasture, lush Jungle,and golden Savannah would be okay.

And for the Latinos(and as ;), Greeks, Nordics, Russians, Mongols, Ethnic Albanians, Kurds, Japanese, Those Of The Caucus, Germanics, Swiss, and those people from umm.. Eastwood's movie about that car.. the Hmong!  them too, and, for my chosen home, my city, Canadiens and Méti, idk peace? (If I Ignored You Speak Up. Most likely, You're A Peace-Loving Freaknik Too, And If I Think You Got A Good Case, I'll Add You. Maori, see?)

- Hear, This: Fritz and Paul Kalkbrenner - Sky And Sand (Original)

And the Inuit? Have you heard their throat singing? They too know about heat..

Courtesy the Girl on the train:
As we proceed(that's mine.. partially, matte credit @KanyeWest)
To the mindless next infinity.(Ours, I believe)
She said nothing, that's just, that's it.
(Jaaring 'init..)

Do the Wright thing.
That's for freedom, free will, foxes. Shouldn't leave out Coyote and $.
That's it, that's my piece.
|It'll come in three. -> DTY Hardcore Exclusivity.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

K Feedly, It's Too Quick..

The (Slightly Improved) New Jesus.

Gotta Seize On Precious Fruit.
You only loot when there's a riot 'cause.. fuck that shit.
(Gotta check what I wrote earlier, google "|FirstMillionaire")
Orpheus' Lyre, Nick Cave, that music turns me on.
You can ponder it or get wet. Holy water from federal express.
I'll bless it.
Touch me.