Sunday, August 2, 2015

Time we got to this

Off yr rocker
Here: you know what's done when there's $20 bucks left? 5 burkina fasso, 5 HFH's "i am a girl", bread and pepperoni,  granola bars and fruit, ...BEEER and then hate on the mining ops that that match Canadian relief credit, publicly, like, insult a gold mining company.. That burns rivers and employs #Bridgewater or whatever..   See?

anyways, You snitch..

When free energy is released i call my family and tell them to do something about it.

You snitch.
You're a fucking bitch Mom, it's done.

That's not hate, thar's refrained k,
It's a shame to have such stupid parents, that's as a son.
You should have actually given a shit
Not snitch,
Rhetoric is not the same as a pardon,

Kombon wa, that's my Japanese.
9 years, that's how often my son sees me, so judge me Gran
A handler, that's what's needed not a husband. Not a golden pond peddler but  a herpes creme. You're obscene,

What are you on? I bet if's golden.....
I bought new parents, i told you i'd..
They're not hsteful ignorant assholes.

Here's my plan, (excuse me day-trippers, Uncle sam, if this is slam my parents truly need a beat down, truly,)
Anyways, when i get my boat, we're gonna go out, ..and then i'll throw your bitch ass blind ass overboard a mile off Honolulu and be like, "shit, she shouldn't have been born blind. It was only, y'know, a mile swim."  

....Call in you obit before even hitting the Oceans just so everbody would l how i tried to take you to Honolulu, how foolish it'd be to rescue somebody like that.. Read that until you die.

and you'd die.

Because ummm, i kicked you off the boat.

Honolulu is pretty nice btw..

Like to go there, like to be at my big bro's wedding, you and only you made that impossible. As impossible as that may seem.
Paul will understand, he's a great, cool guy..
I take guitar lessons, i write music, i raise a child with a prostitute who's Judas Iscariot shitty, and listen "Bitch" is actuslly a thing k, it's like "Bigot" and it's all it is.
Don't be that bitch.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Great Vertigo In The Sky

Falling up forever, until you die
The Peedi Crack on repeatin', an the PD on until you crack,
Man alive he has won that worm,
Oh man, am i afraid for my life today or heartbroken for an excellent, excellent friend?
I'll intern on the dist i was knowing, Boston blowout Harvard knock'em out punches, punch-drink love and laughing, a silent curse in the face of blasphemy,
Erigal, , Perecelcus i should have knew ya,
That's quite a bruhahaha tho there up in the sky,
It's Art.
We do not die.

My insalient gift, to rest assured, and not restored. <3

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Dad, These are my balls

Telling your kid their dreams are stupid is a stupid thing to do.
So zuckonit y'know?
Oh, you don't?
Oh, i didn't know that.. Ahem.
You don't even know a kid you dislike. 
You're ike turner of beating your son up.
I get up when the sun comes up with mine and watch winnie the pooh.
Every day, cause that's fun. I'm like "No, you sleep hon i got this one that looks like fun."
And if you even give a shit enough to look at it you be like look hon another unintelligible one.
And she'll be like "silence", because now you're reading. 
"She'll be like is my heart bleeding, hunh?"
"Oh shit, we did raise him right anyway.."
"And he wanted to do this."
"This is valuble hon."
"You shouldn't look down on your kid hun,"
Try and get some tonight amiright Dad?
You know what women love even more than you adoring them? Taking good care of their kids. Some missed the boat on both of them but, those ones, you know what their Dad should have did?
My kid has seen Deliverence, we watched the Shining together, he woke up the next morning and wanted to rewatch the monty python,
He shows me music that i love, lots of it.
My kid kicks ass and i won't even be ashamed of anything, anything, bottom line, that he does, because i made him that way k. 
You be ashamed for saying this is never anything k, and my lawyer needed payment btw.
Affraid to say a few things 'cause there's some real serious folks looking this way 
Hey ya
Do you know who i could say that to? Everyone who loves good shit.
Thro a hashtag up.
And publish it.
It's retarded to think your kid is an idiot or foolish, you grab your dick and be like "really? Youtube videos of dudes playing video games? until you're like ...heh. That is pretty cool." You can even give them some guidance on their choices you don't tell them to shut the fuck up and stay away from you, to paraphrase, ouch eh.
And don't hit your kids,
Don't think they're bad for taking drugs.
Drugs are super fun.
That's it.
And next time you wanna jerk off, think, did this take longer than reading that writing of my kid's i hated on that was more like a Shakespeare sonnet than an argument.
Smile babycakes, ima get paid doing this.

Friday, July 3, 2015

I'm Patty Hearst

Tastier than a Staburst
Leaner than a Hearse
Your getaway vehicle, a steal it's so cheap an' so easy, an' feasible
So peel
S/O nicki minaj. Cause she's fucking 
Paper wisdom
Get some money

Can i be a pundit for csndy?
Funny or fundamental damn im so good
Foot in mouth or hoof and mouth disease damn that's H.A.M.i need a pickaxe or to blow up.
Mine some silver like There Will Be Blood.
Come back like Daniel Day-Lewis.
Cuts like Brutus huh 
Over-Flooding, not flowing, Po'ing ing. 
Like Flack Rain,
Damn, that's good. 
Bacon cuts.

Patty Hearst is a billionaire..

Sunday, June 21, 2015

For Fun, Play, and Escape, ...and for practice, and for me.

Might delete it all, just to be cool.
How many cats with slide rules thought the the computer was a calculus tool, foolish mortals,

Below is a portal to one riot man's hell, and the greatest poetry ever written if you're not tied to things that like.. have a point.

There's some wicked joints about love, maybe one or two about drunken unhappiness, there's some ex-girlfriend trashing tho she didn't need the help.. there's a lot about cruise missles, silos of greed, there's free energy, not one word of entropy believe it or not, even tho it's going down, and a lot..

See i thought the universe was shot, for mostly a while, but it's not, it was me. Now I'm not.

Get ready for geodesic domes of love, not poems. And Death from a sidelong glance, not above. 

As SHiVA I got a quotient to fill, as Ra has inspired me to say, the ninth register one, not the rugged man, tho he's dope.

I hope, even if it is lame.

So, as Pope John Paul would say "Fuck you, you're gay" except i say that to my haters. 

And in loving somewhat-disrespect to my best friend,


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Moving away from myself

With one Elvis(ic?) pelvic thrust from MindValley, the dirt poor arctic intern i am seems (while cool) Dostoyevskian, and to pencil in the name Meg to half my txts for the rest of my life even less pleasing.

So I'm seizing on a cardiac arrest of a joint, a real page turner, one that lights up hearts and minds. My point is to ask what you wish life could be like, envision and make a stake on it, really bite down and slake on it, spit out a little blood, and not suck. And have 50 million hot little vampires.

See, I'm a businessman, not a poet, an' i want a boat and a girl to get strong and anthropic with, not just a trophy, certainly not a liar or a bitch, là pitch black sense of humour or justice, and armistice.

And a good asian pharmacist. North Koreans included. 

I'm not delusional, i'd sell skateboards is Asia Minor, then China. We'll call them uhhh... Paraeagles. (Maybe desert eagles just to s/o Big Homie)

And we'll skate. 
Bake like clams in the sun.
On my hardly fought for yacht that i bought with the proceeds of doing something cool and good.

Should I? 

Nope vs. Skate and Die.
Bake vs. Forsake.
Yacht vs. Not a Yacht
Fought for vs. Warred over.
Bring it vs. Get bought.
Why Not?

You in wayne?
a smile is all i desire,     
and bite down and slake on it

Oh and i want like three wives, they can bring their husbands i don't give a shit heh get this: as long as they make good seamen. I know i do.
Kicking it like the #BeastieBoys for free rights and heaven, even unleavened bread.
Asia Major and Minor kickflipping it like #DwayneCarter, like we got #HouseOfPain for the ad jingle

Tingles right? :)

Monday, June 1, 2015

Revoktionary lolololol damn it im busy

Here piggy piggy piggy i'm a iller the if you drilled a strip-mine, istarted fracking it, and Farmed on a fracking p
But like Manson, and not the dye-job guy, tho with the love
Starting a cult here.. Here pig: i can do it, a good one, the fundamentals are up in the air hahaha not one bra strap not one, for the fundamentals huh? 
not even gonna run up on Sharon Tate, without respect my darking #Polanski thank you for everything eh
Let's just say pa
here piggy: back in blood. run piggy run
Mail-order HUD and a hard shout out to MF Doom, how you do that, that's what the album most
Trouble, going in like the hubble, run the game like shotgun Barney Rubble, rocks are shit and Debeers got it locked and stocked huh? Shotgun you fucjking bitch call me a scrub, more like Pop Pop bubbly and the Scotch but still, shotgun. Ima ride like Pac, 'til the whole world in my pocket, living in my lap, craps and i hit it, trick, shotgun trick. 

Lol, that's it say what up to #NAS eh idk #SlickRick just 'cause there. 

Here piggy piggy piggy i'm a revoonary
But like Manson, and not the dye-job guy, tho with the love
Starting a cult here.. Here pig: i can do it, a good one, the fundamentals are up in the air hahaha not one bra strap not one, for the fundamentals huh? 
not even gonna run up on Sharon Tate, without respect my darking #Polanski thank you for everything eh
Let's just say pa
here piggy: back in blood. run piggy run
Mail-order HUD and a hard shout out to MF Doom, how you do that, that's what the album most
Trouble, going in like the hubble, run the game like shotgun Barney Rubble, rocks are shit and Debeers got it locked and stocked huh? Shotgun you fucjking bitch call me a scrub, more like Pop Pop bubbly and the Scotch but still, shotgun. Ima ride like Pac, 'til the whole world in my pocket, living in my lap, craps and i hit it, trick, shotgun trick. 

Lol, that's it say what up to #NAS eh idk #SlickRick just 'cause there. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Black Oil


the legitimacy of the argument where life is unique vs. burning all the dinosaur blood.(something i often think about often because ummm, 2 billion years of life you fucking idiots equals -- ?)
it's irreconciable, and it's what we do.
which is it? tropes, spoils, or hated antropic fiction.


lemme tell you something.
not fiction, they slide ruled it out and said houtcloud was better than not giving africa aids, at least not giving them the cure.
because purity of race, the race for, well, nothing, because f1 is in season,
so they just did it because they hate black there is no racing,

not with the plebs in the pace line anyways.
those guys were just slain, it's the pace line anyways.

did i say something about forumla 1 and racing? how about

knock knock, not on heaven's doors, not rapping about a tale-telling snow-in no more,
not thump, not thump
(I'll stike t-cells, i'll be cool)

shit, and pigeons, i ate long enough.
Without sucking you into where i been shit man i seen 1 dead pigeon on the ground and 3 on the sill with 2 tearing each others feather out.. and the chick pigeon was like "coo"

fuck you.
i proly peck the shit out of all of you.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Today, we make our living
Some make a bmw, but it's lease out deserves it's bringing
I'm in love with a corset, a rave bracelet. how the world fades with the fall of each lash, not each single, also, listening to D'Angelo, specially if you listening.
Hit up, up high, on sitting pretty, kissing and crashing, you listening? all this dissing, chords, and chicken grease, got the pretty kicking kind of peace, you can even disagree if i think the future sounds pretty cool all silver lined, star spangled, and black.
I'ma go in. Tax is a table flipper issue, and if you're doing it you'll likely die. Even if the lining of the sky meets immortality, they will die. Because divided.. I don't even know, we rule? We're much cooler than them and there are many more of us and trust has been broken

Some huffed and puffed E-tellusionist's tabulature sickness, it ain't on my dick. Maybe a couple licks of it. 
Somewhere between #GraffitiThickness and idk #ErykahBaduGetsStarstruck who? maybe more like #Lil'ouisiana maybe maybe more like Yo Wayne, let's get paid coup let's get at some people 

Orbit Satyrn like Philip Morris, like that. crash land on The God Of War(don't wanna anger A God, Generaly)

Drop it like i'm the pigs, drop everything. x4 i'm doing it, unfortunately, not 3

To the truth:
Had you ever asked for my allegiance, i might owe it to you.
If you're Clarence Darrow i might swear at you, all men like this i might swear an oath to too.
As guilty as those with lots chosen, to hold an oath to you.
What law has done since Emacipation, since Row vs. Wade, is curry it's inaction, since Dade made the prisons public hate and rape clinics, has gain on the fader.
Turn down guilty verdict, burn up 
since Dade made the prisons 
since Dade made the prisons public hate and rape clinics, 
public hate and rape clinics, one k there. That's getting up with the sin, uhhh.. 

Our Son:

How do you expect me to take care of him? How do you convince yourself i'm not there for him and this is on me? I've done fuck all, called you names in a txt msg, ho, and small b bitch to your face Babe, that's all, restraining order, all this bullshit i miss raine and i'm sorry you're so fucking sad snd alone, wish i could help but i'm sick of you just not giving a shit when you don't need anything

Grace: thx. And tell #buzzfeed ... What? Fuck you keep off i'm out. X3 stay away from me.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

You're Underrated

Even wit' the fame
Can't tame us or pay us enough To Keep Our Minds Shut And The Music Turned Down
Might lock down a few Generations For Possessing High-Grade Weapons Of Mass Destruction Gifted By The C.I.A.
A Dipping Wet Young We, I mean.. Younger Than The Idea Of Servitude, And True To The Youth Movement, Still Born and Bearing Improvement y'know. I Seen My Ideas Impact The Light Of Day And I'm Afraid For What That Means,    So Be With Us.
Effigy or Bust! ha


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Even Air Hits, The Soul

Now, Proletariat, get them,
My pen to their weapons, they have nothing, not even a statute to crouch by and fire tears.
No Pen can silence my weapon, as we are free,
Police, shut up, get down, or smile.
Could i smile, judge and say "A legion of Gomer Piles," we are free?
Jeremy Hammond would protect Me, Al Queda would protect Me(If they had the internet), Julian Assange would grease the bars, David Blaine would say "Really?" atop a mountaintop steeple in Tibet :), and well, at least i get to stay out of jail. Free the potliticos, you bastards, faster than you can say "it was shit weed, y'know. High grade is section three or whatever." 

Pretoria, Wisdom coming, i have a holy word for you. Publish!

It's yola'-tengo,

would go down fighting for Me(because, well, peace will remember him idk), and Wikileaks would storm the battlements. Because, well, I'm free, and i get press release.
Please me, or suck my dick. Pigs, political prisoner on high release what can i say,
Let's not let it go that way, so i can maybe hit delete, and have it

Monday, April 13, 2015

John Dillenger

Painted up, C.R.E.A.M.sicle cool.
The wanton luck and engagement,
My suckers: miss Mya Angelou
Food,  you never seen so rich, splendid, and not a dime.kissenger on behalf of reagan, knocking up down
# for # the best to ever come around but obviously, you don't know Jay.
John Wilks in the studio, crushing. 
Paid in cement? #OBEY 
That's all it takes
Buy the Banksy of the #Ribisi
Peeler booth, Peel sessions, or both.
The hesitance, to focus, and meet All I Ever Need.
Just a stanza about myself: tartan, i like the res, the black, the inter-mesh, velvet underground ropes, comatosis is my best friend and i soend more on drugs than i need to.

Omg wtf is the internet?

Wtf is fentonyl?
Wtf is icy come drilla?
Like Sarah, you might be,
But... More than likely, apparently, 
You'll be good.
Get it?
Like you should.
The internet/fent. 
No more pain.
No meshugganah, come dance in the reign. (Can't even drop Phonte, cuz, well, because fuck you)

David Blaine, watch. 
Some plainclothes policeman, no
But, stfu, get down, and cover your head, now, Bed-Stuy

And bafungulo, these sinners, korupt-ible Erupt, 
I been spitting demeanors since you been filing misdermeanors, 
Now, chug, chug, pig!
How's it feeling, Kurupt the reliever, peaceniks, trees and such, wassup?

So, lemme tell you, i gives a fuck if judy got punched,
Chanel #5, that's what she smelled like, 
And i could never smoke a bitch, that's it

Had your headphones so up the escalotar shakes?
And ask yourself, Darling, who needs a Colt, a Peacemaker, to believe in love?
I annihilate anything in between, Love.
Maybe Deftones - Shove It
Hate to be Christ, and not of it.
Suck it plagiarists, judge, your moment in court will come,
Oh wait, no it won't, 
Phonte - Remember Oz, Siad,
 should summon Liitle Brother
Cover, pigs, ain't no Leafs to cover, get me, mel gison and road-runner couldn't cover this enequity.

And Tyrone, will choke on my penis, the thouroughness of the prenup, and you pigs

Well, it wouldn't be true, ruthless, and well, what i aspire to without: Caribou - All I Ever Need fuck uou courtrooms, plate-glass horseshoes, and rape, and bruises.

Love u, thank you, 

Ruthless, #Kurupt, and Publishable

Saturday, April 11, 2015

I put skulls across the boards

HUD on the scud missile
I rock corners in Iraq, wanna silence the storm? You can have it back.
A hack, no. A trap, no. So the jewelery rests, sure.
This pure. Lit up like Rogaine.
Membrane permeable, no twisted.
One fist up like i spent the night with yr Mom.
Eyes wide like the forest is on fire, and you fond of me.
Peace. Sick. The Best I Can-O B,
Forget yourself like Conclin, Bourne Again I'm Better, 
Lines like my Girl's shoulders,
A chip on it, no doubt, an asteroid, but i put it on my shoulders y'know,
King Ethiopia. Tote a fucking gucci bag, or the suicidal faggot that made it.
Net worth, somewhere between a smile and an indent on the pavement.
Shameless, Limitless, I'm... Soaring.
The corner, the cornerstone, the coroner, it's beneath you Son. 
Undone by anyone.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Maybe God Comes Down

And sees like what maybe i did dun to these freaks,
Or It's a little bit of me, a little bit of you. 
And sets us straight, like by fixing the drive-train on a bicycle.
Focusing in, like a falcon, the Watch, the Listening.
Optioning-Command-PRescuscitations, that's for my bitches.
And switches you can' hit with a train, That's for fire, and my #Future. And just honest.
And pho' beef..

No j/k, but #WizKhalifa, #Anon? My dick. Just hold on..
Cause i could give a shit holy one, give the kids what they need and suck it.
Then blow..
And... Pass...
It's all love kid.
One day you'll see it love.
Now spit.

Tic-Tac-Toe Thumbz, crumbs, pigeons, at your feet.
Don't even know what fate to occomplish nex'
Been the best in this geodes,

Before we Give the greek, we fuck.

Now the girls that hurl looseleaf.•!0&
Cane stare.

Monday, March 30, 2015

You Fukin Pigs

I'll be handled some Evan-Wentz shit
Some libertine dopamine shit
Some shiv that'll come and get you
Some prattle that'll leave you to rattle on.

"I been fond of your deity,
But some forms of saity, your pussy can't even handle."
Even ever hold a candle to it, a mirror to it, you'll see it's a bruin. That's the kinda work you do.
To see it bears teeth.
Peace i'm out no sheik.

Monday, March 23, 2015

An' it's been a long time, for the wide, white world to make something like me.

Knit #EarlSweatshirt Tease.

An it took a long time, in the deep, black world before #Kendrick found himself in a hotel room screaming..

An' I know that time will silence evil men.

Leaning, all curved in, like men playing pinocle.
Pisa's for creeps, and Italian renaissance men.
And I'd rather Humbert Humbert than Descartes,
and i'd traipse Picasso before being a poet anyday.

In my slick ass white boy ride, i could give a fuck about my turned out white wife, packaged out with yellow brick, midgets and monkey shit(that smells like boo-hoo).

Before I even became recompense, and before i knew that suffering could be unseated(s/o jesus), i knew(and please, don't be a fucking idiot):
part of being partisan is believing in your own righteousness, but not your will to debate me, before you even care, before you became worth a damn, to the console of everyman. let go of parliament, royalty, but i think uncle sam needs a hug.

and these elegant, elegent, men should be in stitches, specifically #FrankOcean, #SwizzBeatz wit' the
velcro banana clip right at their neck,

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cuz, Them's Good Eating

A barren market and such,
Not the right's economic times,
A thin white string between bleeding and remembering everything.
Not a pussy plaything, this yarn, and that's putting it politely..

Knitted tops that you cannot darn.
The farm, all the .compassion you can raise on it,
A carnal interest that Maggie couldn't carry.
The piper, the tax, or the ferry, You pay.

Say "Gravedigger, how much dirt can you carry? Will you throw a lot on me? Will it stick to my face? or should I just stick up OBEY?"

Hold ctrl, hold alt, then hold.

Then type "Skirts Weaponry"
And you'll see who I am.
(Not #JamesFranco, Not Better Than That.
Jus' Telling it like it is Kids.

                                      , Sparticus

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Steep, Magic

Or Carry On Steppes?
Battery Acid
Or fly away free
not gonna day trip ya, into the mountains of Ethopia.
But there I did.
So you seem
Rise. as the weather underground chopper did Tim Leary
Rise, nail Xerces faggots, I quit.
Madonna nailing Letterman, and the length of it, I'm aloof.
Poof: Justice, an' you saw them hear first countrymen
Fuck it then.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

the culture

re nsa, cia, fbi, csis, star-fox,
and the fortress
there is no new story, scene it all, dun did it all
until we  are all entering the stars, leaving our earth, all of Us, as one race
'cause that would be new..
but, know art is no hashtag of what preceded

i know barely many can barely bear with me, but
 too much paint
this of st. vincent
and there i would bear too much paint, i didn't, tho you willed me.

so bears, chew
our young know what fools we are
but don't know the rap of a hollow log, what a steep flogging earns a slave
or what it is to be both cold, and wet

such animals, i deepen, pour ca
not porsche
because, animals, i pet,
and i vet,
set that in paint, and i'll see you on the other side of the great turtle that bears the world, i don't care
just see you there

oh ya.. i started that over there.
if a Chair or two was Missing? Pink Flags and such, shucks...
fucking pigs, i tentatively explore hate for you
now, porous, what are anal bacteria for?