Monday, September 15, 2014

we could tear a meme from this man here

if you've a leader, let us pray.
if you've not you could have the same problem I got, or you could not.
hard enough to stand up, eyes turning black, to a school-yard bully wearing brass knuckles. And she'll never get the ringing out her ears: "How's it feel to be King?"
Holding her baby girl, she'll never not know, the violence of indignation, amongst us starving, amongst us feeding.
if i had a go at Ferguson? i'd line up, one by one, at the dmv, and file complaints.
the plaintiff rests. with conviction in a new elected sheriff.
one case over-tuned, at tide of public opinion. and justice, merriment, would weep, and then gasp, and we'd clasp hands together for the Superior court decision. If one expert, they'd say..
we'd have Casper, we'd have the 1st and the 4th, and the tenth commandment.
and that whole "rights of man" treatise..
hard enough to go in fully and not commit. and i'll admit it, ya, that's me.

well, the kids think i'm a gangster 'cause my heritage is black.
the white folks, well, they white folks, can't take a joke.
hocus pocus kinda looses it's magic when you consider how aleister crowley ended up
and we're a couple dungarees short of a Tet offensive.

i will say non-violence
and when i face justice
i will say non-violence again
i could pick up a pen and stab a nigger in the eye
under the eyes of justice
and do it again
and again
and i would be the pen of justice
pigs, don't gut niggers
figurative language i guess..

just to say, the penn is a weapon of torture, stagnation, rape, hatred upon hate, violence is the date to get you there. such violence, under incorrect law, under make it 'til you break it law. break it til you make it law. or which one, it's hard to choose, when the penalty for breaking the law is to have it repeatedly broken against you. repeatedly broken, over and over again,

anyone will choose what losing did not look like. the pusher is still a slave to crack but any better? ask a user. they know just what a loser that guy is and if Bushwick didn't convince you B.I.G. did. and you know what you went and did? you sold out. all of them. Crack.
like a baseball bat this abuse. can't tell where it's coming from kid.

 and a king down on the court.
it's about rights.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I'm the guy that gave Jesus his halo.

And Day-glo Abortions.
A fortunate One, some might say, having never spent a day in the suburbs.
They know the curb, but not to be kicked to it, and i, some might say, am fortunate.
Now that's a blurb.

I will to bring reason to grace again.
And when grace nods "Speak lovely."
I'll kill the bitch.
And quit.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Def Jux Plagiarist

Can't  handle wax.
Can handle crack in a pan but can't stand the look in their eyes, the lies they be telling their kids.
Now, I've had Kraft dinner to function.
And I've learned how iron channels in long lines with the poles of the earth,
so I'm not saying it all was waste.
So craft division sells I'm out.

Open up a Can'O on you.
Hit the #Buffet? No, buy stock, and look up.
Long lines.
They'll be buying soup in a shakedown like a Warhol at Getty get me?
And all brooks broke loose, money is not  the best weapon we have rivers again.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Dream, and you shall wake.

An eye opening
Harmony Korine at the clam bake.
A real pupil dilation, soft focus on the breakdown of civilization, like it ever really existed in the first place, or whether we're just now building it up.
Distinctly - E, but chaulk full of ecstasy.
Einsteinian genius, MC. the speed, the pull, the wait.
Have to look away there's so much light in here.
A Venusian shell of a man in #s, Andalusia A/C hands, ands, enough ass to smoke a camel, and looking right at you like Errol's First Person.
Go fly a kite 2 50 Cent pieces fly.
If you can cross that river.. You'll find a best friend.
Penn states' for the other. For the universe not college rules dorms.

Horns' coming out magic, cause I know.
Torro bull runs. Cheap carpet munchers and a revolving Rothko ceiling. Not glass. Google big. WithFUCK YOU #CIAbanner, hulking, and, brother, so unwisely, you die

I could sigh: "pigs can suck a dick fly."
West points, and Knowles academia strip club publishing joints.. Most of the time anyways..
Teach a bitch to read a gone fishing sign from God and still nodding off like Van Winkle, well open 'em up. 
Diddy wouldn't pass on this joint joints fuck

Go under the river, "I just don't care enough," I tell myself, so vain like the Annie Lennox write?  Just get over it. 
I'd get you over here like mortal kombat, but I'd rip your head clean off, that pull, in a minute, but I wanna be original, and to not stammer "shucks", when the clam opens up.
'Cause, real beauty to me, is like "damn, that's a big pearl." and then, to let it shut.

Down like the Jones is.
Ring ting ting, there's the bell..
Shut it down..
S/O #Kendrick

I had a dream.

Just cause like Ferguson rallies.
#RandMcNally, Not Ain.
Just for the Illuminati.

I'm out

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Business Infrastructure

A brick or the Florida quays.
A prayer with DIRadiocast tonight..
Paws. All thumbs, this kid.
Enough to get my hood up, all ghetto,

No, hold up. Wait a minute. Said I got some guns out with bruiser kids, the hardest snot-nosed team ever seen. Check me, be thorough about them picks, my credentials will lead you places, and no, you ain't invited on FB, no. It's in MTL, wish I cliff say G+'up and my team..

Noses up like Gepetto. Fucking growth.
I sho' nuf.
But these cats, these pussies, wanna pray, they don't get me.
Roll up on my toenails, kids'ed smoke.
Fucking should say I put the CIA in a Dutch oven, but those girls might have a hard time rolling up to that..

Yo Wiz, one of my girls ever FB poke you even..
I'd smoke your toenails too, with grit, and consider pumping the music. Haha.. 15 mins ain't no fad. Stack 'em up and make Warhol's dream come true. Poof, a smoke dream, a Cudi vapor thing, but I know that ain't true.
That's no rip Wiz, just put on some weight, 'fore its cool she sucks your dick Homes.

That's to Campbell's Manhattan loft to lose, dining cart, and what Buffet did to the vegetable market huh?

Big 'em up.
My cuff links... Babe.. They in the gutter, with Usher.

Love the mother-fucker. Like A Rothko, better Monet. Up on the cieling. No typo my Rothko, it comes it different languages. Your daughters, son, Heaven Grace me sun. And that van go dark, on the heels of that news robbery like boy you didn't see me. And bam, a new son in law, bra straps all on the ground, swizz keys bumping around and that John Lennon mother-fucker all turning upside-down, in the middle of an international review of his worth.

That Rothko keeps flipping, over and over, it's a shame it's bottomed out these days, hot pink and sky blue was quite a thing back in the day..

Fucking crazy, makes you wanna kill yourself too no?
Oh, you into Four Season greys..
Shit, ain't that a bitch.

Yo #Hungary, let's drive some prices up.
Yo #Sealy let's get posture perfect and flip it no?
Maybe I'll be like, it's all meaning-less..
Wait, nope.

I'll be like that procrastinator gave the world the most beautiful things it's seen since Van Gogh invented wheat, since Picasso crafted us the heat, the only perception of war; since God gave us into adoration of boundaries(j2)

Cuz' homies. I could call them ponies.
The track like you Yo Gotti.
I'm a clutch on the Ten-Gauge.
Gave her owners a taste of the Biker meth, I kicked the kickstand off. If you gotta drum or something, beat on it, cause you can't beat this. Bet her, yet. Running my mouth, gift horses and shit.

The bars.
You should see her fly.

Comme ca.

The best, poetry, can they.
Can Banksy, do art.
Christopher Reeve fly. Crushed. These bars.
I'm craps to a casino.
I'm spinach, and olive oil, to your menisci, Menudo and Bruno.
And handing out hamburgers, and you'll be seeing me Tuesday.
Pop. Eyes.
Right out.
All thumbs.
Wait.. What day is this?

So whatever. Choke on it, but eat.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

I was once a youth

Likely to be fitted with a straight-jacket,
A hamstrung backpack all tounge-tied,

Call me selft-possesive
And obsessive-to angui

And you would see me, see you, see myself
As a pillar to fools
Not to your gut
Not as sea-salt
As Mahatma Gandhi gave King.
If a thread couldn't prove not a taught-less, teeth-less liar.
It took me forever to prove.
I am not thought-less, and would an ant across my printing screen prove that God indeed do does exist.
Not a taught less would be my lyre.
But indeed. He does.
Tire, I dare not improve.
For the will of Richard Dawkins.
I will not, dip into one.

Now, hold up,
Do I suck into the cusp of one?
Did I say that I'm a poet?
Do I give you a cross-grained thing and not tell you, or label it?
I am the Roman archer is to what plywood does.
Without dipping too much into forethought
I am lightweight, grained, an' heavy on technique.
But you wouldn't want to know what #WeezyFBaby or what #50Cent think.
Cause you'd think ink, damn, couldn't give a gram.
About love darling.
But did they Pharm it up,
Could the best brand in magazines really give a puck?
Not huckleberry slim, and no virgins neither?
Could I slam a lock down over past tense?
Ya, I can.
And frankly, I give away damns about cats in prison, for relearning 10 50 an hour, and making payroll and spending half-a-month to get 8.

Tune.. Don't give me half a month,
Bigger than Presidents.

That's what I give 50.
What a brand give about love darlin,
And he'd be above love darling,
An' an eighth of a yatch
Damn jobs, damn HOVA K-West crossovers.

Listen here "I need a nautical few" sitting crew with chill believers while I crest, run 50 and keep the dream alive, or be like God's son Baby.. See that son of Sam shit(link, Baby, link)

Here: All

You'd have your

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hungrier than Ramadan

Passover like Judges 10
Let All'ah them eat.
No questions.
Heat , and a dime a dozen.
Breadtrail crumbs shove you all in a coven and burn one.
I'm hungry, gimmie something
Let's eat.


I had enough coke.
Red bullshit. And such, coming close. Like the second.
Getting near.

I could give lessons.
Learned, like you burned one.
To pot. And under construction, Damn.
I'll have an alka-seltzer, thank you ma'am.

You need a license to kill mother-fuckers like a pillar of salt, around these parts.
The art is in construction, and I will not damn a river, to make salt.
Like the ocean.
And, damn. That's without reserve.
Se4v3. KO
Passover, judges 20, cause who needs weapons, when you got a pen.

Thanks _unclesam

Call it a twitter feed.
Chr1st needs to few.
And is not of consumption
You lasted all'ah your best.
Now stand, Turkey.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Yo Cinos

Where you at man, got me all curious now. i go a new dish to serve up on "Warm Up, or, Lighten Up, Son :)"  was looking to run it past. guess it's just a flash in the pan..
it's scorching tho.. and would be hotter under the sun.
i think.. burning up, ferocious, maybe i can thank you for the redirect..
Narcissus was a kid compared to me, some days.
Maybe it's just a half-baked idea, or maybe it's the fois gras from Prometheus's parakeet or whatever.
It's luncheon meat, bread, that's why i don't care about it.
But a man's gotta eat. Tasty treats like on "It's Always Sunny.."
Maybe i'll release it..
The revision, i like the parakeet.
keeps throwing up the fois gras like "Blagh. You got a Cracker?"
That damn parakeet..

hot like Atlanta summer when Outkast's Speakkerboxx was released. That Heat, Fuck Miami. There's proly two street dudes in the whole city.
Tasty Treats, but where's the loyalty, anyways Baby, step up on the train,
'Cause it's east meets west fusion cuisine, at high speed.
Listen here, before you get up, it's Gordon Ramsey would die go to heaven cuisine, if you feel me.
+we got a biker gang to meet up with, ice like there's liquid helium, in the room.
a total vacuum. no pressure cookers.
and babe, that ice is so cold we levitate. and the ride is smooth. now excuse me, i just gotta bless #TheGame before lift off. cross myself. k cool.
damn i love to see that caboose move..
#CIA, #DEA, #RCMP eyeballs been stewing. now they're on roast. if pigs could fucking fly 'eh..
bumping up in the dining car, serving only first class mother-fuckers, but most of 'em street.
can't even see these red bottoms could even touch the ground, trust me dear Teacher you'd hear 'em. mighta died without your lessons Hefe so Dear Summer, sit back and get ready to eat.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A full bag of parking lot pimping

I got that.
The trailer's you.
You wanna mix your acetone+ with milk..
We'll be cruising.
Scars, ,not bruises. ,mount up
Wanna cut the bitching

Keep it 9/11
We skype.
Nailed that nigger.
Fucking whistle

When a white boy in a low ride comes rolling up.
Hit that bitch like a hockey wife.
No Puck.
Gotta b' comprised among dales.
Sore sooth.
Fruit loser.
A bruiser.
An oppression.
Gotta keep the gales up or we might not. Dale. 
Looking at you.
Sore loser.
I'm out.
Over MM.

Cock jockey, I been perfection, if you think it never happen , ii have.

God. Gullet. Gotta put it out. Me,
These #pound niggers can.
I can't shout.
So I clown.
#we are all one.
Some #brightsideoflife no #quotas.

#pout ''cause the white got the fuse on ugly.
Your pug got his face all screwed up.
Pug equal.
Fuck you.
I'm on cruise control.
And I'm wide receiver. : as you can see:

In my scholooolowooooslshoft.
I got you. I beer. Figure that.
And #elonmusk picks it up.


Monday, July 28, 2014

The Three Horseman + Me.

Not doing decline.
Triple that wealth.
By being hardcore.
Is what I do.
But I want.

Does God die?
Can I go there?

Because they're so bad
That they don't want to give it all a way.
That's it.
I could change the frame, with one d_elite.
They'd have their yachts, their basho met,(baphomet,) their God.
But God is good.
But It is.

We don't have enough money to eat well

so if you really care about my health
Ham/beef trio

You don't need to be C3P0 to feel my math.
Pathologically overproof.
That's what so many are reduced to.
Insular. Suction cups.
10% of brain function, for the real homies. Those that feel me.

Almond joy it ain't.
Might faint, feeling Ill.

Wanna spill on a pack of matches.
Might want to ask yourself, next time you light one up.
Are we going for usable lights?
Or matchstick production?
Digging me or for phosphorous, y'know.

For my next stage production. 


i seen my kid's robot racer spin around
and i know how much money a few seconds in the sun brings in
so if it's about letting the free market adjust, see title.
This just in.. 
It's headlights,
I want light and to see them dance.
Gigswatt/ton. Kapow. Or is the tesla uber design not up to e.6
No S3X?
SIIIX looks like a pustulant octet.
I'm asking.

So anyways..
just them.
if you're seeing my vision elon.
we cut the sunroof, i'm praying.
daddy gets a few minutes to spin the wheel, when mommy forgets the juice.
catch up free market, i gotta get in.

Dave Rushton

10:35 PM (0 minutes ago)
to me
maybe daddy just wants to take a spin over to
take a cruise... :) 
see what kind of condition the free market is in a little down the road.

Floor me #Anon, as you always do.

Regrettably, I'm out, could spin these wheels for days.. Dam Quebec Hydro's out.
Might catch me driving all Chinese eyed who knows these days..

Force some use to putt around, y'know.
Shop around the Pink Volkswagon Tiger Elon, with real love and respect.

Ps. It'd kill me if you didn't see my vision, benefaction, friends, I need 'em.
get 'em #Up

Friday, July 18, 2014


That's a bitch.
you gonna pay somebody play me.
state i'm on.
no flash no pull no cache.
so, no datpiff.
that's it.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

On Again, Off Again

If I could silence the pen I wouldn't need you again.
Turn out the right.
So dear, like if I said, I want another baby, maybe,  Babe, you want one? 
And her eyes tear up.
This barrel of metal and greed, it's a speed we don't do.
So, we gonna fuck tonight, Babe?
It's crazy, how I swerve, miss you.
I didn't wanna hit.
And Babe, you will never forget the first time I saw you. 
I knicked it.
That's it.
That's a hit.
And girl, you looked so tasty in them headlights, I had to take a byte. 

Now get lost but I don't hate you.
Right in the road, like John Lennon, that's how I want you.
I could silence the pen, but it's the best weapon Babe,  I love you.
Tied up, still steaming, like Mallory, up on that hood.
That level of killer, and Pop.
But she's a gonner, the misses,
Have to have Xs, in her eyes, not to have died, when I wrote this for Her.
Now back it up, capture, try and tell your friends, this isn't about you. 
Now the fucking shocks are loose..

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Charging Corners. or The Whole Cell Block

Yo Jay
you're gonna want to click that banner up top, maybe hit next post.
then read up.
Big money #BigHomie..
beats seeing you in court anyways.
And with respect.

I'm perfecting a new artistic medium, truly, a new artistic medium.
Take a look. let's sell some batteries meanwhile.

for onlookers: check my G+

How's a guy supposed to patent an idea at 5am EST but the way i just did?
The period say February 2014 to.. ..when you find #TheRealKiss on #9thWonderfulMusic that's the stuff i'm most proud of..
or court, when you get how much this is worth.
to place your phone on your laptop to charge it.
you can respect me from a distance or get with it.
I'm out.

Invasive Cutting Technique

For a design champion.
The kids in the bus I seen,
More cracked then going halfway on the real joints.
Tossing them up like Ford on American Value.
The IPad, the IPhone.
On prosperity.
A dream or Jobs,  or neither.
Cut corners, The American Dream.
Or nothing.
They sat down and chose.

Not Outkastic.
Throw the bitch across the room.
I hope.
Her heart breaks.
Every single time.
Love That Kid.

Just Fucking Epoxy. Hard and fast.

Cut them crack corners kids.
Or rock it right on the screen.
Ever mounting. A mountain of them. Back of the bus.
The new street rules.
I'll never do stationary, you'll never do terminal.
Back Of The Bus Kid.
And Seldom Seen. 

So It's The Ferocious, The Misguided

That will inherit The Earth
Something tells me not
Should be searching in a clay pot
But this Gideons 'll do.
Byte Me.
Construction Law.

Gonna redirect, get ready:

Gotta clean room up tonight by too gasp and the first one was there a reason for my first ever been so happy that my phone on silent film and TV and radio stations are so much to me in my room to be in my room to be in my room to be in my. Auto.Correct.Frenzy/Predict my next move
Bloom and Stitch the best thing ever is when you get a follow back please follow me please I love you so much for the first time you get a follow back please follow.
Woah, Auto predict is desperate you might think.
I think just awesome.
Show love.

Just awesome.
Gotta save that.

The shit they won't play on the radio. Trust me.


Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Vanguard of Entertainment.

I know it is.
Not good. Well, it has been lately.

Ima light it up like Weezy F. Baby
Puffing clouds away, opposite George Clooney.
But I'd puff pass on those ranges. :)
Chybernetics, for my latest killing spree.
Not getting on the bus.
Just to get their goats.. :)
Fuck I'm a genius..

Hacking up shit like Dorsia reservations, if you got teeth for that..
Cut. The guy's obviously(ahem) a hack, or just Psycho.
Ain't a Killer. But he's been pushed..
Shooting up Zapruter frames.. like he invented the screen capture..
Widening gyre lines, spin like the invention of the rifle.
Straight up, while Paris leans in, those base hits, dipping into your eulogy, like so many baggies; like digging into the Plaid crate.(I hope you do.)
Ricochet like Pearl Harbour did Iwo-Jima, call it the foundation of bling.
Losing them.
Let it go.
Fucking Frozen.

Roll up smoking like a wannabe Eastwood, meanwhile, just Ellis.

Did the thing.
Lived "We Live In Public" 
Fucked like that.
No, Fucked.
Like that.
Love that.
For the crowds.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tell Norman.
Tell Herman.(Out of love for my grandfather.)
Gut some motherfuckers
O rehearse this verse.

SHVA, everything to ever exist. I drop it like this.
Bottoms, better man up,
This ain't anaerobic class.
This is passed out in a chair rape.
The kind the news doesn't broadcast, 'cause digital, they look too gray.
All splayed out.. Mindless..
Passed out is a presence of mind, that says that you don't matter. You are only, one. You do matter son, passed out.

Harlem, Alabama, can it.
Hmm, a blog', what is that?
Tell me, does Guy Kawaski Canva pilgrimage? On a tangent, but Google+'s biggest draw.
So draw that shit, viral images, that a fourth grader could use.
When you chose to not be awesome, when you turned into a talking head.. That day.

Now heads what I might say:
Billing as
That's it.
Shouldn't even share this:
When the Fentenol wears off,
Even after your little professor advises you not to do it,
You gonna read my work..
And twerk like we're opus dey.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Gonna get hit by a truck.

So..I got Five devices.. Easy pieces right,
One of which has unlimited calling,
And I pay for my home internet, now, 'cause, for no reason, as you'll see later, but whatever.
Call home.
iPod Touch and such, (don't wanna show too much) @lulzsec starts with Nexus7..
That's it.
('s late, but see, the logic step s in there, but just with a breakdown of, well, fuck, you figure it out,)
,or get an unlike over data)
Yes, like that,
I'm an artist,

If your iPod ever drops connection, revolution.
The cellphone providers will cut deals just not to have me as a customer,
Dad, is it true? What I'm saying,

Thank you.

Tango, Google, Give me one, I'll use it to map and import the earth.
Sorry, with my selfish interest, I want to see the earth soothed,
From the top again, save.
And give me tools.
Like The Oasiss' Springs Cell on one #Israel,
I'm out.