Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Toss It.

Shoot Up An MMG car? You must really be buying what what Jay say..

Down With The Pigs.
I'd Say.
Who Needs This Manger Anyway
A Full Bull South Of A Cattle Call.
Ghost the bikinis
Straw hats, dogs.
Nothing wrong with that.

Monday, April 14, 2014


To War I Will Take You.
Please One.
Storm The Hill.
Cease One.
100,000 over tanks.
A Cause I Do Not Regret.
Me And #Anon
Over This Totality Of Remorse In Russia.
At Least We Got Canada, The U.S.
Mexico. All Of South America, on our side.

Europe.. idk. Don't know that much about Europe..

But let's think.. Decent standard of living, semi-democratic.. The Internet.. So we've got West Africa too..

Here's One For Chicago's Lost.

btw. First man to touch a loaf of bread, in the spreads we run up on, nothing about Fight Club, looses an arm. Got me?

Getting Rich.

Leave Stiches.
Ken Griffey Pitch.
Smack You BallPlayers Crack.
I'm Out.
On A Cloud Pitch.
Need An ESPY ToEven Know Where It Went.
Be Sweeping Up Popcorn When It Comes Down.
It's Foul, Bitches, Get Your ASS Out Your HOV And Come Back.
It's Foul..

Gear. Your Money. Not Mine.
you read the fine print?
Skirts, those ASSESs In Waste.
I Am Not Pretend.
This Is Exactly Where It's At.
Me And Sunset HOV
Your Pockets Getting Fat?
Picking up them pieces son..
Looking Up.

To please Some.

I would stop the Sun.
To give balance to law is not above me but of me.
Have you not seen?
To perform is not my job.
I'm better than you.
Its not my job.
Thx One, Be Will, Could You?

Be One.
Will You?
Stop One.
I Will.
I Am The Bored.
Plx Son.
That, you do not pretend. :)
Please One.
I Am poor.

Now stop son, did not dis you Dad. Stop Son.
Will you not see the Lord?
And stop son.
I will not.
Fodder for the Next Bach's Canon.
I will be, if i do not please you Father.
Oh brother..
Seen enough?

Cop'n on a street corner.
Stop Some.
I Please Some.
It Is Easy To.
Stop Son
Do Not Deliver.
The Lord.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It's Criminal. |FirstMillionaire

Pilgrim in the land of sin. Every one of us. Let's get into it.
Under you.
Under underroos.
A Real Bad Ass Bitch.
Is that the shit you say when you sneeze?
Yeezus Christ, Bless Us.
Closest I ever been to a Choo pump is when I saw you hump one.
Y'know what I'm saying.
Design revolution means homes homie. Not Virgil's G+ y'know?
You want to design an innovation design company, I'd suggest you get.
Down in the street.
No patience Jay, that's a rich man's saying.
You get out.
You want plowshares?
PLLOWW Mother-fucker.
Buckshot or restrain the kid.
FirstMillionaire the best sight you ever seen.
Rep that, all I ask.
Shouts Edward Sharpe, Again.
Go digging in the crate you won't find it.
You had to have been there..
And you'll be like splendor, I got it.
Think about them bars.
Shouts Bun B, J Cole.
That's a set.
Disregard them earlier bars.
I like to get wasted.
Congressional OverSight, After On.

Let's go in on this.
Goodfellas Inc.
Baby, your shit stink.
Crystal Glasses. No.
No Glass.
I been sipping that pimp shit since I was 15.
10 grand.
You can get your name up here.
Kisses, ladies, I piss out.
I shout clouds away.
Like Banksy On Obey.
Your record will make a good crate in the digital revolution .
Thanks Banksy.
I phoned it in yknow.
Fucking show stopper like Skeletor up on the bill.

Fucking bored, either throw up or flip the house y'know. They'll Crucify Me.
But You'll Look up. 
A cell.
And and because, those cells ruthless..

Bruises on my needs… nrmind my wants.
I seen the pontiff advocate AIDS Y'know.
Listen: Dance Yrself Clean
Every night the weekend.
I mean it.
All of us.
You Should See The Fonts..
Hit that +1 if you're willing.
That's it.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Type hype

I'm one to think there's purpose yknow  Krit.
Get down in the parking lot. Any day.
I choose not too.
I seen those bruises your daddy feeds you.
Rather slip on the cruise control.
Your thieghs pressing full throttle.
Get that bottle out your ass and down with this.
Let it slip into overdrive.
Follow us. Fuck me.

Child's Prey

In its heyday.
Might start using Yahoo browser. Dear Lorde.
Computers in the hood.
's the good I do.
The rules of chaos. Quantum lock boss Sean.
Got that.
Fuck your shit.
Preach love or nothing else.
Everybody else feeling plush toys.
Got that?
I'm Goya. If you Leonardo.
Note that chopper never fly.
I'm in the news, in the war.
You chi death porn.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

You Deserve It

You Earned It.
You, You Sand-Blasted Furious Few.
Got Glue In The Lock Joints.
Noses Up At Crystal Points.
Fighter Jets Tipping Off Free Assembly.
Enemies In The Sheets, When We Make It Eye To Eye.
Perched Between Tye Dyed And Southern Fried Limbo.
Choppers Without Borders, Drop Down Desert Eagle Freakniks And OnTopList Under On Top Of Death From Above.
Timpani Bounce.
Construction Law.

Trounce You Like A Panther.
Up The South.
No Rumour, And No Innuendo.
Construction Law.
Paws. AutoTune It.
And Bounce.
Not Fake And Not Pretend.

Construction Law.
Flaws, Fled.
We Are The Best.
I'm Out.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

You see any bodhi trees around?

Gotta get down in the river.
And a time for justice.

Always Better

rifle anywhere David
slaughter 'em
anywhere by the mouthful
trillin' em
cavorts and shit
all those mouths you been doing
rest timor.
or what you been chewing.
god's kinda like, "you win.*
sitars bitch.
what you been listening to?

Ain't got it covered all alone
Your beauty to the bone
Trombones and timpanis couldn't hit the timbre
Amber Alert the alarm
No harm reduction
Just plain Publishing
Come down like the army taking out the night
Fighting for fight's salvation if not the good
Turned it around seen in Hell Love's not forlorn
Seen Chr1st and done it baby
Loves' ... forlorn

Always Better
Never Worse
You can't Carl Huxtable terse verbs and say that Theo didn't matter
All ways better
Never second-rate
Come up dammit saying yr too great
Always what you're thinking,  never second rate
And I pace myself Army.. beauty clamed up in red-tape
's pretty sick I know,
Some pull up just for fooling you some won one just for show

Monday, March 24, 2014

Looking To The Future. (Ie: Not Renting It.)

One more conversion
The first one about usability.

The computer of the future.
Private computing, that you carry around wit' you.
The cloud is not a server in Texas with an NAACP, hey, NSA factory in it.
Plume, Shugult, Too Few.
Pro I'll arts and leisure Bio go.
By ink.
What? Can't stand a little art?
Is All I can say about you..
Ima Plume, Ima ROC Boy.
We Majored In Pre-History.
And Now it comes.
Think a second, that's a detachable touchscreen.
Now.. Private Computing. 
Heh, or should I draw my Mack on you #Apple (Weezy F. Wedn)
Sorry, :) anyways..
Ima knock on my neighbours doors, give them a flyer, saying let's pool our internet. Say idc if you sign up, just remember that you can.
And it'll be free.
Cause, see,  here's the thing:
The bank didn't import 60,000 cats to build the metro.
This is a world peace thing none other.
You get me?
Let's get on that.
jew's fros abused hoes and a third wheel to boot.
I root your iPhone and your girlfriend same day. 
Pave you over like leaves of grass have you saying Walt Whitman wasn't cutting edge anyway. Now how 'bout that?
You can alt shift abort, i snort that raging bull shit, you see me? eyes too puffy?
ya but i don't get it.
that's it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Easter Island.

Cuts like a 33rd degree tombstone mason, ya dig?

Feds Watching tho so y'know, karma, come up, Dice Raw 100, or drop the Rafaelle.
Du proprio couldn't insurance or back up this fact yknow?
More plumbing than I laid on the pipes is fact.
That tunnel vision I swear. Having wringing out pipes for these I dread.
Have 'em widgeting rafters I swear.
Have 'em aloft at pipes like these I swear.
Nestlé chewing at facts like these I swear.

(not happy, with the font.. But y'all should trust. I know a little more about being immortalized, than you d0. Faith. I'm out.)

That endorphin rush
Like crystal rush could half a tab of what Candy Crush ain't.
I ain't a tincture of God I'm His vermouth. to a martini.
Three wishes or your genes, open and laid out. 
That's how I want your mouth.
Before B.O.A.T.S. II comes yachting..

That new.
Heaven's Gift.

Gold fronts, on my armada.
I'm out.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

What Would I Do Without It.

Nas - Stillmatic
Beyoncé - 1+1
Beyoncé - I Care
AB + BB = The best on\\\\\\\
Andre Benjamin - Art Of Storytelling 4 
Mos Def - Supermagic
Mos Def - Twilight Speedball
Wu Tang - C.R.E.A.M.
Bahamadia - uknowhowedo
Jay-Z - Ultra, Go get that one yourselves i'm out.

Rapsody - Bangin' Out The Trunk + Y'know what. Get the record. (It's free man, do it.)

Philadelphia Harmonic Orchestra -  (heh)

Philadelphia Historical Society - "100" 
Here's the part where we listen to the tracks Dice Raw recommended. But uhh.. can't find 'em on my Twitter.. @DiceRaw, You take 'em down? Highest respect. Fucking twitter..
where were we..
Dice Raw - The Ill.. ...
hold up.
for real
you click it?
'cause we going out like that.
it's important to me..


and then this.
Peer2Peer or Proud2Pay
i'm out.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Now I'm Not Marcus Garvey, Not Tolstoy, And Not Lame.

Here. Lean in. I got to stepping today. Inking thinking and driving. That HOV taught me an awful lot of what I know. So.. There's no dis earlier. You proly just don't know. And this Ye guy? Ya.. He's alright. :) 

Now I'm not Marcus Garvey, I'm a white boy from the suburbs, but here's the truth:
If I was a cop I'd shoot down Danroy Harvey too, but, here's the thing, I'm not a cop, and you're not either. 'Cause by and large, cops are stupid. But, if you are a cop, 'specially a beat cop, you need to get smarter.
Might go for soldiers too, but y'know, all the soldiers i know are cool.. so that's another hue.
Personally, I respect people. Not the rules. I think you should too.
Boys in blue are Momma's boys no?
Check the picture.

You hit the link?
Learn something?
He kept going. What would you do?
It's about the spectacle. Maybe hit Youtube and complain about it.
I don't care if you're from Bangor Wat, an aristocrat, or live behind the Chili's down the street.
You mean something to me.
And if you hit the gas and hit me? I'll shoot the tires, not the side of his face. I'll give chase like a gangster. Or at least see the whites of his eyes, the black and blue of what you're doing no? Don't gun him down like a P-p-p-police.

Police are people too, I get that, but you ever slap handcuffs on Police and kick him or her down the stairs?
That happened to me.
How about put a pig in the pressure cooker, make a police..

You ever get a ticket from a guy who couldn't read? No?
Well, that happened to me.
You see.
I'm not an inciter, I'm the clearer thing.
Did you read that? No. He couldn't read.
And they call themselves a force.

So.. Maybe You're Feeling like art matters a little more today? Or more like a Jarhead with a screw loose?
Cause either way, you can Come and Get Me. Or are you afraid? 
I'm on every day.
Same bat channel. 
Same 4x6 frame.

Probably clearer than you think.
Might get into the history no? 

Black On White.

Early Risers biting the worm. Not Quail. All hail Caesar right but Quail is for the birds Hov, and the buck is shot.. It's carion luggage. Heh, Quail It's inspirational, You eat it I'll pick my teeth with it's bones.. You can be fly, Ima go deep. Deep. Mariana Trench, No Radiohead Bends Sickness. And then I'll sink in.. And the rafters 'll start creaking. Then speaking. Then positioning charts. We'll hit Bermuda. Throw up the triangle in salut. One time just for Frank Ocean.. 'Cause I really love that dude. And then a subdued hush will fall. The crabs in the barrel will stop their nitpicking. The Illuminati will rest their cup of chilled children's blood just for a second. Everybody will stop. They'll notice the breeze. They notice the tone of utter amazement. That glory lives. And the pendulum will swing again. In step with the very swagger we've been gifted with. And not some bullshit, tick tock on your wrist. You gotta step up buy a brother a yacht. I wanna go swimming like Scrooge McDuck. But in water motherfucker. In water. 

And nobody's' buying those wireless cell batteries? What's up with that? Don't worry Big Homie. I got your back. This new world of ours, all of ours, bitches, niggers, bullshit and bear markets will cease tread. That'll be done. 
--That deathtayall guy, what he said. All in black.

(Now. I can't take back what happened. I was was just boxing, fishing and trapping. But I deleted the original of that "Round 2" piece. I shoulda made two pieces, right from when I began the edit. I won't make the mistake again. Heads up Push, you could cache in.. Me, I'm too lazy. Seriously man.) 
...imagine a brick hacked out the Brooklyn Bridge from 1976 with "Samo" on it. You might want to hang onto that.. 

And ya, I got a pretty high opinion of myself.

So were gonna bang it out pretty hard while I develop the new site. Could sure use an editor on loan from @LifeAndTimes.. Maybe @Vice, Get some perspective y'know, be the only retro thing we/they ever did probably..
I know I'm golden, boy. All I gotta do is front. And turn pages.

To sum up.
If you pop culture, I rolled it.
If Ferrari got revolutions I pole shift. I don't pulpit, I Pol Pot.
Call it Light Work. You Into Pop Culture I'm The Soda Jerk.

Instant Gratification

Eat Me Feedly.
10 minus ...


Should I Get The Bloodhound Gang Out?
Really don't want to..
Let's try.

Don't click it.

told you so..
testing something.

Lamb Of God Or My Anaconda Hun'?
Choose One. I'm Worth It.
Lamb Is Good.

Friday, March 7, 2014

I wanna excel but I need the technology.

... @Applenws
Get after me.
Earn it. Buy it. Consume It.
Then you haven't paid attention. 
Radical, Revolutionary, Different.
Or we dual boot the ZTE.
Drop the Jay-Z.
I go easy on you guys..
I don't believe in miracles..
I seen them to happen.
I believe in transformation, change.
So get at me.

#listyourNYSE here
Have a good weekend on tumblr.
And #TD? Trust. I Do.

Keep those #s Bold And Thick.
+1, Tweet. 
Think about it.

From the mobile I can't make the changes I... need.
And no team.
Have you seen the new site? Got the screen popping off.. can you feel that? No? Need a team. 
Sponsorship. And a team.
#ThinkBig, #DreamBig
Break the sound barrier, Push, +1
That's it.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Round 2, Any Fight Night Is Legendary.

Never one to kiss the ring.
But I'll take a few shots for the title.
MC HYMN above the rifles. You get that spin? 'betcha Pusha did.
Lines That Ley In And Get 'Em Fixed Right.. staring down your nose cause I outline the future. What's the title about? It started as
Rhythm shots. Hook dreams.
Now i see them angler themes.
Straight off the nex' Gutenberg bench press drips. 
'Coarse, It's fine.
Those chalky lines, never cemented in but sway with weight like cement shoes in the river.
You lower jaw quivering yet? 
Let's hedge a bet on the fight before we get into it alright, check it, essentially one cut, my type.

<cut> heh.

And then restart. Back To The Present. Fight.
Ginsu skills, getting honed. 
Cut like Burroughs, but raw like Ginsberg. 
Got my guns locked on eye of the tiger positioning. Forever, and to the day. The royalties. Christ, Kingdom, left hook knocking and you didn't even hear the bell kinda ring. But the room is fucking spinning. Jesus Walk On Water Sting, Butterfly Float In The Macy's Parade Kinda Bling. 
Kiss the ring.. Christ. Rather Dance, Juice And Knock Your Eyeballs So Loose Kevin Bacon And All His Friends couldn't find them and make it all fancy, free. That Type Of Separation. Y'know me homie? How 'bout I hit The Books And Make 'Em Pop Too.
Box them ears up kid. Knock your rims off and stick 'em like it's quidditch. That's kid pro quo floats in undiluted courage, flourish. not magic, but I believe in it cause I can say alacazam and your girl's panties disappear. Ya Poof.. 

Going peer to peer with walk on water type angling,
Them hook shots leave no questions, nothing but stool, blood, and the towel in the ring. 
That shit on your wrist, it's a watch. 
Not The Green Mile Personal Fitness Program. Clint Eastwood Looks and Million Dollar "Everything Shines" Baby appeal. 
Love. Championship. Craftsmanship. How's it feel?
Box it up and package it in yesterday's stock pages.. 1500 rounds of terrific little fishes.
Thanks @Pusha_T, @YOGIofficial 

No Doubt.

Do me a favour.
Say My Name. 
Still some embossed things to go over,  what to do with Duck Shots. Pangs. Right Over The Reeds, Respect For The Curtises And The Merriweathers'
Brawler with a title Shot so watch the hangover a little migraine I'm.out

Proly never eat quail.. But that's alright by me.
Catch you on the corner y'know?
With my hook I'm out.
My first round umm.. working with Pusha T's music @ http://deathtayall.blogspot.com/2012/10/blog-post_16.htm 
Going Five Bouts. No less.
New site, |FirstMillionaire.net next month.
A New medium. No less. With design never before seen. I can promise both of these.
Taking bets? Idk. Let's see if we can get Pusha T to tap that G+ button. Guess it depends on how much he enjoys royalties.
Peace. Honour. Respect. These Things, I'm out.