Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Some Roc Hard Subject Matter

And Softer Than The Curve Of Her Thigh
Been Dying So Long I Can Forget To Express My Gratitude Towards Our Life Together
Simply, I Will Love You Forever No Question
My Penmanship Is Mightier Because I Adore You
The World's Stress And Anxiety Is Bourne Out And Forgotten By What Everyday You Improve,
So B, and Company, See These Are No, As There Are No, Everyday Puddles Of Blood
The Youth Movement I Work To Create Burns With The Same Creativity, Ceaseless Ferocity And Love.

Mighta Thought That Heaven Was Up Above, Nope, Turns Out That Tonight It's In A Few BeyoncĂ© Videos.. The Wealth Of Which Cannot Be Burned, Buried, Or Inturned

When The Blue Blooded Epoch Crushers Understand Me.. See Beyond Bravado To What I Write.. Not Just What I Accept As Auto-Correct And Byte, They Will Abide Gold Fronts, Backgrounded Platinum-Selling Frontpages And +1 EveryBody Will Get Riddled With Impacted Diamond Frames

Because On This I Swear:

I Will Always Do Better

When It's Dripping I'll Show You Wetter

I Will Coax From You Through Gritted Gilded Teeth My Holy Name.

And When You Flash The Camera Your Lips, Your Eyes

There Is No Doubt In The Miracles We Realize Every Second.

When They Eulogize Me, They'll Describe How A Screen Capture Revolutionizes and Personalizes This Literature, Which Is Mutable And Changing. Reality Needs A Little Re-Arranging..

(btw some unseen force has stepped in and added a second font in my edit.. i've put the highlighted parts in blue, no bullshit. you can see it's got some direction..)

Anyways, Here Is Your Best Defense Against Me (And My Increasing Menagerie. )

Recognize That I What I Say Is True And I Will Always Strive To Demonstrate What I Feel Is Profound, Everlasting, Positive And Touching. 

Even If To Some It Seems Too Audacious To Be A Reality, and Yes Virginia, Even On Christmas Eve.

I Could Use Some Editorial Help And All Types Of Advice.
up to and including what may or may not be divine intervention! :)

So Give In and Give It.

Good Intentions And Respect Flutter Like A Butterfly Blade On This The Nativity Of Our Saviour.

So Maybe Show Some Of Them Too.

Fact Is I'm Gutting The Neutral Movie Role And Staging Some Networked Corporate Takeover Behavior.

Imagine A Nation United.
All That I'm Saying..

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